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How to Create Your Own E-commerce Website in a few hours?

The title seems like a click-bait but it’s actually possible. If you have a little knowledge about HTML and Python. You can create a website that is fully functional and at par with all the existing E-commerce websites.

Saleor Logo

Through Saleor we can create an E-commerce website in a jiffy. Now you are thinking that What is Saleor?, How to use it ?, Where to get it?, Is it free?

What is Saleor?

Saleor is a modular, high performance e-commerce storefront built with Python, GraphQL, Django, and ReactJS. The code for the E-commerce website is already written for you. You just have to change the name and setting of the website according to your needs. Saleor makes it really simple and easy for those who are trying to move their business online or are trying to make a presence online.

Features of Saleor

Admin View of Saleor
  • PWA (Progressive Web App) storefront allows users to browse and purchase products across devices and platforms, providing engaging shopping experiences
  • A GraphQL API, utilizing React, shifts Saleor into headless e-commerce and moves the solution to a future-proof platform for development teams
  • Modularity from the GraphQL API allows administrators to keep the backend up-to-date with no or minimal changes in the frontend
  • A new dashboard keeps the best functionalities of the previous version but draws on the most desirable features of experiences like Shopify

It Provides so much functionality.What is it’s cost ?

It is an Open-Source project made by MiruMee anyone can use their code until it doesn’t violate the rules that are set by the company. You can download their project from or you can go to their website and ask for their assistance.

How to do it ?

All commands need to be performed in either PowerShell or a Command Shell.

1. Clone the repository (replace the URL with your own fork where needed)

git clone

2. Enter the directory

cd saleor/

3. Install all dependencies

I strongly recommend creating a virtual environment before installing any Python packages.

python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

4. Set SECRET_KEY environment variable

$env:SECRET_KEY = "<mysecretkey>"

5. Create a PostgreSQL user

Use the pgAdmin tool that came with your PostgreSQL installation to create a database user for your store

6. Create a PostgreSQL database

See PostgreSQL’s createdb command for details.

7. Prepare the database

python migrate

8. Install front-end dependencies

npm install

9. Prepare front-end assets

npm run build-assets

10. Compile e-mails

npm run build-emails

11. Start the development server:

python runserver

After all the steps are performed your website will look like this!

E-commerce Website made by Saleor

After this to change the look of the website you just need to change the template of the website. The files in /templates/ should be changed to your needs.

This is how you make your E-commerce website in a jiffy. This can be deployed on any platform and can be used to sell real items online.

Selling Items using Saleor

The website also has automated E-mails which are sent using Django-Templated-Email.

Extensions and Plugins

Saleor has implemented extensions architecture. It includes hooks for most basic operations like calculation of prices in the checkout or calling some actions when an order has been created.

Saleor has some plugins implemented by default. These plugins are located in saleor.core.extensions.plugins. The ExtensionManager needs to receive a list of enabled plugins. It can be done by including the Python plugin path in the settings.PLUGINS list. You can also write your own plugin.

This is how you can create you own E-commerce website in a Jiffy.


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